After Graduating with my masters in FIne Art in 1996, I lived in NYC for 12 years.
I took part in the fine art world and was a part of a community of artists based in
Williamsburg Brooklyn. It provided many great experiences, but after years in the
brick, mortar and metal, I missed Nature. I was growing weary of the concerns
based on survival in the big city and ego driven culture. I was doing design &
Illustration work to survive. My dream of being a "real artist" seem to be slipping
away. Also, it seemed the world was changing since the fall of the Trade Towers.
Reality was setting in on all sides, facades were crumbling...I had nothing left to
lose. I began searching for answers, but I needed to do something more drastic.

Within 3 weeks of deciding I needed to leave NYC in 2009, I got rid of everything
except for my car and a what few necessities I could easily transport. I left NYC
and set out for new adventures. I felt truly free for the first time in my life. And
that freedom opened doors. For most of my life, art was my priority. Now, the
art I make 
is more of a reflection of the lightness of being I feel, wether I make
it for myself or 
for another. They say that "art is a mirror". The best thing about
a mirror is that it 
can be used to reflect light.