Working in the Sacred Space

For most the Last year I have been living back in New Hampshire at the foot of Mount monadnock. After a time of reflection and physical reset, an interesting synchronicity happened. I discovered that an anagram of Monadnock was 'Can do Monk'. It may seem like an interesting coincidence, but It mirrors exactly how i've felt about my life here.

I've felt disconnected here and wondered why I ended up this location. But it's also been a period of integration of a lifetime of experiences i've had in the short period of the last five years. I knew intuitively it was a necessary stage. I learned a lot about myself and others, but I needed to ground these experiences. All the while during this period of deep introspection, I haven't been idle. I have produced t-shirts, drawings, commercial graphic design, re-tuned my nutrition, tested spiritual lessons, refurbished furniture, Raised the vibration of the stale, funky cottage to serve as a clean, healthy sanctuary.

'Can do Monk'. I like the sound of it. It's life affirming. It defined my purpose and dispelled my fear that I was merely escaping. It added electricity to my personal quest which is leading me to greater expansion. After being here a year, I feel that I have more ability to adapt to more environments and situations, all the while maintaining the integrity and strength of my spirit. Every step is an opportunity to overcome fear and shed limitations.

The mountain I see as leave my house is now a totem of deep signifigance and an inspiration. It sits there quietly in it's unwavering strength every day. It's rocks are used in sweat lodges because these rocks of Mount Mondanock are known for not cracking under the intense heat of extremely hot flames. Consistency under all conditions. It's lessons are simple and these lessons are taught by example. Finally, after several month's, I got it and I give thanks.